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Marked For Death 

Gets a Website

Thats right spartan today officially marks the opening of the Marked For Death Website, Yay. So what does this mean for you, Well I'm very glad you asked. This service can be used by all MFD players with legal reasoning, you can use this service to keep up to date with all Marked For Death updates and events, send us a suggestion for How we can better develop and expand the Marked For Death community, and it is for that reason we welcome any and all suggestion for we do need your help to make
this community run, May I thank everyone in advance for the help and assistance they have provided us with
to get us this far and thank you for being a valued member of Marked For Death, The greatest Spartan Company

to date.Coming soon will be three more features to this service, The chat where you may comment on posts and chat
amongst other players, Email Subscriptions for the latest news and event this will be released shortly and Finally
MFD will shortly introduce to this service the Store where you can buy your customized MFD merchandise and

help run our community. Some of the items are shown in the store window yet not available for purchase but soon will be.
Isn't this exciting, with tons of content coming soon stay tuned for Updates, May I thank you again for being apart
of the Marked For Death Community. As always Good luck spartans, I'll see you on the battlefield.

Date: 10 / 11 / 15